Custom Airgun Tuning and Repairs

Specialized custom airgun tuning and repairs for FX Airguns. There are several power modification options for your FX Airguns. If you are looking for general maintenance and repair, we have those options available. See options and pricing below. Please be aware pricing does not include shipping or taxes.

Repair times vary based on workload and the type of service. 

Current repair timeframe is approximately 2-3 weeks. 

If you are interested in any of these modifications or repairs, please reach out to


Description Price of Service
FX Impact Power Block Kit $350 installed

Stainless Steel Fastener Kit Complete Installation

$100-$150 (fasteners included)
General Rifle Repair $50/hour + parts
General Reseal $50/hour + parts
Complete Reseal $200 (parts and seals included)
Trigger Repair / Tune $50 + parts

Tune for a specific slug

(80 yards)

$150 + ammo

Tune for a specific pellet/hybrid

(80 yards) 

$100 + ammo


Updated Jan 2023

 *Note* Tuning not available for barrels with Harmonic Tuners installed. 

If you do not see the type of repair or modification you are looking for, please reach out to to see if it is an available service!