Store FAQs


A quick list of questions I have been commonly asked, so that you do not have to wait for me to respond. Enjoy! 


Who works at Cape Fear Airgun LLC? 

Cape Fear Airguns LLC is solely owned and operated by yours truly, Newman Buck. I do sell products designed and manufactured by others, but it is only me. 

Does Ernest Rowe work at Cape Fear Airgun LLC? 

No, but we do work together and I sell several of his products! He can be reached at his website,

What are the store hours? 

I do not have a storefront with dedicated times, but I am typically available between 8am to 6pm EST Monday thru Saturday.

Also, Cape Fear Airguns LLC will be closed for all holidays (simply means orders will not be packed on those days, you can still order and I may still respond to emails depending on the holiday). 

Do you ship internationally?

When I can! I ship most items around the globe. Currently, I do not ship to UK due to VAT complications. Other than that, there are a few products that can only be sold in the USA due to international laws or dealer agreements. If you have a question about a specific product eligibility, please email me before purchasing.

**NOTE** As of 01/06/2022, I am no longer offering USPS First Class International shipping method. This is the least expensive method, but during 2021 over 75% of the packages were lost or took more than 2 months to arrive. Thank you for understanding!

Why is international shipping so expensive?

I'm sorry, it just is, I have no control over the pricing. Normally, the shipping rates provided with orders through my website are anywhere from 20% to 80% discounted from standard shipping pricings. 

How long until I receive my order?

All orders are processed (packaged) by 1-3 days, which should be reflected at time of purchase. If I fail to meet that, please let me know, and I will work with you to correct the delay. After the product is packaged, labeled and delivered to the courier service selected, it is up to the courier service to stick to their estimated shipping times, and I no longer have control. 

I received a notification that the package has been shipped, but the tracking shows no movement?

This is typically because I have not been able to make it by UPS/USPS by closing time to deliver the packages ever since I have made the labeled. Please email me if you have seen no tracking for longer than 3 business days after the initial shipping email, as that typically indicates a shipping issue.

Do you offer tuning/repair services? 

Yes, only for PCP air rifles. Typically, turn around time is around 2 weeks, but this varies per job and current work load.

Please visit the Custom Tuning and Repairs page for more info. 

Do you have a phone number I can call? 

Finally, after 4 years of business - YES!

I simply, kindly request you send a text message first, incase I am unavailable and need to reschedule the call. 

Store Number: (910) 319 - 8981

 Do you have a storefront? 

I do not have a storefront at this time, but I am working to open a storefront in Wilmington, North Carolina during the 2024 year! Stay tuned in for updates!