FX Dreamline Regulator Pressure Gauge Protectors

FX Dreamline Regulator Pressure Gauge Protectors

FX Dreamline Regulator Pressure Gauge Protectors

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FX Dreamline Regulator Pressure Gauge Protector

The Black Arts Design 23mm gauge protector was designed to protect the regulator pressure gauge on the FX Dreamline. The regulator gauge is extremely exposed to knocks or bumps which could potentially damage the gauge and gauge face. The Black Arts Design gauge protector is designed to absorb impacts, and protect your gauge from knocks, nicks, and bumps as well as provide a ‘blacked out’ appearance.


  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) – TPU was selected for its rubber-like qualities. Due to its high elongation, TPU is capable of absorbing impacts where traditional plastics or metals will simply transmit that force to the gauge itself.


  • Secure fit –TPU material stretches around gauge and lower internal lip locks cover securely to gauge body.
  • Shock and impact absorption – TPU possesses high elongation and is capable of absorbing impacts, unlike traditional plastics and metals.
  • Full coverage design – The Gauge Protector is designed to cover as much of the gauge as possible without interfering with readability
  • Simple to install and remove.

Installation Instructions https://blackartsdesign.com/dreamline-avenger-gauge-protectors-install/

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