FX Dynamic VP

FX Dynamic VP
FX Dynamic VP
FX Dynamic VP

FX Dynamic VP

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FX Dynamic VP

The FX Dynamic is a pneumatic rifle built for more than competition. It’s a rifle that wants to hunt. Harnessing technology at the forefront of airgun performance, the Dynamic brings higher air capacity and configurations than its competition focused sister rifle, the FX Panthera. The Dynamic also includes a .35 caliber option that will allow up to 200 ft lbs of energy while maintaining world-class FX accuracy and precision.

 This purpose-built slug rifle utilizes its namesake breech block. The Dynamic block has a one-piece, compact, short-impulse/high-power balanced valve which is both extremely efficient while also allowing a tremendous and precise amount of air with each shot. Tuned properly the rifle will achieve low single digit standard deviations, one of just many advantages the FX Dynamic offers.

 -The block is fed by the cutting-edge Over-The-Barrel Power Plenum, a design only found with FX. This allows multiple plenum lengths to be employed to match the caliber and power of the rifle. This plenum also applies consistent regulated pressure to strengthen barrel rigidity.

VP Edition

The VP edition swaps the 480cc carbon fiber bottle for a 400cc aluminum bottle, which makes the rifle slightly heavier at the rear. Also, the front arca swiss rail is removed from this edition. Lastly, the VP edition comes in a cardboard box rather than the tailor-cut hard-case. These features are to reduce the cost of the rifle to make it more affordable, or allow more room in a budget to purchase other sought-after accessories. 

Calibers: 0.177 | 0.22 | 0.25 | 0.30 | 0.35

Barrel Lengths: 500mm | 600mm | 700mm

Air bottle size: 400cc Aluminum

Overall Lengths:

  • 500mm barrel = 39"
  • 600mm barrel = 43.5"
  • 700mm barrel = 47.5"

Overall Weights:

  • 500mm barrel = ~7lbs
  • 600mm barrel = ~7.5lbs
  • 700mm barrel = ~7.65lbs

For more information: https://fxairguns.com/rifles/dynamic/

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