Saber Tactical Chassis Magazine Holder

Saber Tactical Chassis Magazine Holder

Saber Tactical Chassis Magazine Holder

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Saber Tactical Chassis Magazine Holder for FX Crown and FX Dreamline

To blend into the versatile and visually stunning Saber Tactical Chassis Black Arts Design created this sleek and minimalist magazine holder. The magazine is inserted, held securely, and removed with a simple twist. Upon removal from the holder the magazine is positioned perfectly for insertion into the magazine slot.

  • Material
  • Carbon Filled (CF) PETG – CF PETG selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, and high dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fibers increases flexural modulus (stiffness) well above standard PETG.
  • TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane). TPU is extremely flexible and highly resistant to abrasion.


  • Features
  • A small TPU spring adds just enough tension to hold the magazine in place without making removal difficult.
  • The magazine slides into the holder, rides against a stop, and a simple twist locks it in place. This same motion is reversed to remove the magazine.
  • The design is low profile to reduce snags and does not interfere with a bag when using the bag rider.

Installation Instructions:

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